Spider Write is your affordable and approachable place for Web Design, Advertising and Graphic Arts. Where you get smoke and mirrors with seemingly large agencies, at Spider Write, you get one on one answers and results. Spider Write is one person, Marc Hyatt.

I have worked as a college Information Systems and Graphic Arts instructor for the past nineteen years. I don't advertise, except for this website. I enjoy my work as a college professor and design web pages and do graphic work because it is something I like to do. It allows me to be creative and earn an extra income while providing a professional service at a great price to the clients I work with.

Some large agencies can be intimidating in their "professional" demeanor and don't always give you a straight answer. I will explain everything in down to earth terms and if a particular job is not something I feel that I can provide you the best service with, I will steer you in the right direction.


 We had a tight budget to work with. Our site looks fantastic at a fraction of the cost I thought we would have to spend.

Steve Jones of

  I love the site. Marc captured the spirit of the studio perfectly.

Danny Frisbee of

Web Design and Hosting Services

 From original web design to updating your existing site including getting better results in Google searches.

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Advertising and Graphic Arts Design

  Logo design, campaignes, and other marketing needs.

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I support and use Mozilla's browser Firefox. It is open source and free to use. You can create custom toolbars and it incorporates tabbed browsing which is very convenient. Click on the following link to learn more and for a free download.

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